Sunday, May 27, 2012

Safe homecomings

My son went off for a day trip with Scouts in a boat to a neighboring island. Nothing remarkable. Nothing to worry about.

Yet, while lost in the mundane chore of mowing the lawn, my mind started to wander along a seemingly random path. I was recollecting some of the great music of the 70's when I was growing up, I wondered how I would explain it to my children. The anger of punk. The disillusionment, the fear of nuclear war. I remember feeling so close to oblivion for many years as a young adult. 

Random tangent to how things can change in a split second. Accidents happen. The difference between losing or regaining balance, between a turn of a driver's wheel, between catching that closing door or the click of a latch. The course of history can turn on a dime.

Another random leap...where is my son now? Is he safe? I know it's part of a parent's job description to worry, but my train of thought had drawn me to how fragile our existence is. Nothing to be taken for granted.

Of course, he's back, safe and well. He had a fantastic day out, including catching and cooking fresh crab.

So, today's blessing is something we just take for granted, even though we really have no right to in this vast and uncaring universe: safe homecomings.

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