Sunday, February 20, 2011

Food for thought

The Peninsula Hike For Hunger today collected food for the local food bank.

It was 2:30 by the time we finished and returned home for lunch. Hungry. Appropriate. It reminded me how thankful I am that we had food to return home to, and that I have never suffered real hunger in my life.

As an aside, did you know that roughly half the food in North America goes to waste? And that the world easily produces more than enough food to feed every person on the planet, but the juggernaut of modern economics prevents it from ever reaching the mouths that need it most?

Another totally unrelated and random blessing: duct tape. Took the cover off the trailer today (figured we were unlikely to be in for any more harsh winter). There are a few rips where it rubs against sharp corners. Last year's duct tape repair seems to be holding up, so treated two new rips the same way.

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