Monday, February 28, 2011


It rained last night. We thought we'd seen the last of the snow. When we got up this morning, the grass and the cars were coated with a light dusting of white. Oh well.

When I went outside to go to work, I realised that the "light dusting" was actually pebble-dashed armour plating of snow granules welded to the car by frozen rain. And the driveway, which simply looked wet, was a sheet of black ice. Oops. Looks like I'm taking the big car instead of mine. Better traction in slippy conditions.

While my wife shuttled back and forth with jugs of warm water to unstick car doors and clear windows, I got the car started. Just about to leave when a frantic signalling from the front door reminded me that I'd left my parking pass in the other car. Whew!

Thank goodness my wife and I watch out for each other. Between us we might make one whole functioning human being :D

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