Saturday, February 26, 2011

A question of utility

Thank goodness for utility trailers.

We invested in one several years ago, just over a year after moving to Canada, when we planned our first family camping trip.

Since then, it has been loaded to the gunnels with camping equipment on many occasions, hauled yard waste to the tip, brought loads of gravel, soil, and mulch from the landscape suppliers (saving hundreds of $$ in delivery charges in the process), brought materials from the builders yard for many projects, logs for the fire, and many other uses I can't possibly remember.

This afternoon, my wife and daughter set off with over 100 girls and adults for a Guides sleepover at Vancouver Aquarium. I dropped them off at the ferry terminal...with trailer in tow heaped high with bedrolls from all the girls who'd gone on an earlier ferry.

What would we do without it?


  1. yes these utilities have become necessities. :)

  2. I agree what would you have done without it. :-D

  3. Hello Talha and Asma, yes, it has been so useful on so many occasions.