Tuesday, May 3, 2011

From your optimistic political correspondent

Election fever is finally over. For a while.

I don't pretend to like Stephen Harper, but in a choice between him, Michael Ignatieff, or Jack Layton, there's not a lot to choose as far as I can tell. So with no particular axe to grind over which of them becomes Prime Minister I can't feel too dismal about the outcome.

So that leaves me free to celebrate the positives in yesterday's results:

1. We have a majority government. I may not agree with the Conservative policies, but at least we can get past the endless dance of the No Confidence Tango that's dogged politics for so long.

2. Finally the Bloc Quebecois have been put in their place. To my mind, they are an exclusive Provincial interest group with no place at the Federal feeding trough, especially not in the number of seats they enjoyed that was disproportionate to the actual votes cast.

3. The Green party has finally got a well-deserved seat. For rationale, see #2 and flip all the arguments on their head.

Political rant over. Time for bed.