Friday, March 30, 2012


As I drove down the highway this morning, I was treated to a stunningly clear view of the mountains.

Although they are only a few miles away, they are often invisible, cloaked in cloud or haze. Sometimes, on a clear day, the snowy peaks shine in the distance, but on those days they are often almost lost against the dazzling sky.

Today, they hulked above a bed of cloud, side-lit by the morning sun, and framed by more tumbling masses of cloud. They looked almost close enough to touch, with details of their lower slopes picked out with rare clarity.

Sights like that lift my spirit, and more than make up for the grey damp of the past week.


  1. Hello, I am your newest follower. I like the good thoughts that you reflect in your writing and to be able to see beyond the grey.
    It is a blessing to look at the beauty of a day.

  2. Sometimes, a beautiful view is all we need.

  3. Yes, what a way to start the day...with a sight that inspiresd and lifts. I drive east on my way to work, and have the good fortune to see many sunrises throughout the year. Have a wonderful Monday!