Sunday, May 6, 2012

A bit of therapeutic killing

We seem to have very little time together as a family these days. Too much going on now the kids are older, and this weekend was no exception. Although there was nothing big scheduled - no overnight camps or anything - we all seemed to have our own separate ways to go for much of the time.

I like gardens. I like sitting in them, reading a book and sipping beer. But I'm not a big fan of gardening. So when my wife & daughter came back from a bottle drive and suggested we spend some time cleaning up a bed that's become infested with grass, it wasn't my idea of a fun time. Not after looking after the house all day...dishes, laundry, food, etc.

But it was remarkably therapeutic rooting out those pesky green shoots, trying to get at the roots, thinking, "Die, you vermin, die!" The sun was out, we worked side by side and talked, cracked jokes, daughter brought us time at last.

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