Thursday, May 10, 2012

Biting the bullet

There are some office moves afoot in my workplace, which is always contentious and unsettling. More so in this case because these moves are "temporary" - but of undefined duration - and are therefore being done on the cheap and cramming us into decidedly sub-optimal conditions.

I had to talk one-on-one with a few of my staff about my proposals, because I wasn't sure how well the most logical plan would be received, then a group meeting to run through the rest of the plan.

These conversations always provoke high anxiety in me, because I don't know how some people will react. So I was not looking forward to this.

In the end, it went amazingly well. Some of the moves were actually seen as an improvement on current conditions, which I wasn't expecting. Not everything was received so well, but people at least were realistic about the situation.

I'm thankful I found the courage to bite the bullet, confront my fears, and talk openly and honestly about what needed to be done.

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