Thursday, May 24, 2012

A kiss of rain

Although it's a long journey - an hour each way - I like to cycle to work when I get the chance. Various commitments conspire to make it rather less often than I'd like, so when the stars do align and I pack my lunch and work clothes ready for the morning it's something to look forward to.

This morning I was just about set to go, but in the few minutes while I disappeared to the bathroom to brush my teeth it started to rain. Much agonizing later, and I conceded that the rain was rather more than "a few spots", and not something I could shrug off. An hour long journey in the wet is no fun.

I was disappointed, but several plus points emerged. It could have held off for ten minutes and soaked me on the open road. I got to work early and managed to clear some things off my to-do list. And on my way down the highway, I reflected that water is a precious resource. It is likely to be the source of conflict in the coming decades, so this life-giving rain is a cause for joy, not disappointment.

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