Saturday, June 9, 2012

Elbow room

It often gets taken for granted, but every so often some unconnected observations in a short space of time remind me how blessed I am to be living in an uncrowded, relaxed environment.

This morning, I dropped my wife & daughter at the ferry terminal. I drive straight up to a drop-off parking spot near the doors. No booking required, they just strolled in and bought walk-on tickets. No crowds. No waiting.

I picked up pet food. Stopped right outside the door. No waiting to be served.

I shopped for groceries. Parked near the door. Shopped. Walked up to the checkout and started unloading my cart while a customer in front of me was paying.

All the while, I drove on uncrowded roads, with minimal need to stop.

Despite life's other woes and worries, silly things like this go a long way to relieving stress in a busy world.

Now, I won't pretend that all of these things happen all the time. Sometimes I have to look for a parking spot, or wait in line to be served. But these things happen more often than not. And I have to remind myself that all of these things would have seemed unattainable luxuries in my previous home.

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  1. Such a happy place to be! Have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award- collect from my blog post 'The Invisible Importance Of Hats' - don't worry about the rules- I mostly think people will like to visit your blog for some calm loveliness :-)