Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The neighborhood grapevine

I came home from work this evening to some welcome news after an anxious few days.

One of our newer cats, who has only recently gained his freedom to roam outdoors as well as in, decided to go walkabout on Friday. This was a sudden departure from his behavior up to that point, because for the previous weeks he'd always been close to home and came running when we called.

No longer.

Saturday, no sign.

Getting worried.

Scoured the neighborhood and put up posters on post boxes and hydro poles.

Sunday, no sign.

Monday, still nothing, but someone phoned from up the road saying they thought they'd seen him. We went up and called for him. Nothing.

Today, though, someone else from near there called to say she had a stray cat who'd been popping in and out of her house since Friday. She was about to put up flyers of her own to track down the owners when she saw ours.

He is now safely back.

Thank goodness for the neighborhood grapevine.


  1. yes! Thank goodness for Great neighbors - Sounds like you live in a good community.

  2. Glad to hear it had a happy ending:)